How to get started as a Follower

ayondo Next Generation Social Trading technology lets you follow and copy the actions of ayondo "Top Traders" automatically. Build your own unique portfolio of up to 5 Top Traders in just a few clicks.

Get started as a Follower

  • Choose up to 5 Top Traders
  • Create and test up to 5 portfolios, but only execute one at a time
  • Deposit or withdraw funds from your account at any time
  • Set your Loss Protection easily

Take control with My Account

  • Easily check the details of your live trades 
  • Set your Loss Protection, or stop your portfolio completely, in seconds
  • Keep an eye on your demo account, and upgrade to a live account, whenever you want
  • Either deposit or withdraw funds from your portfolio at any time
  • Take a look at our tips for improving your performance

Find the right Top Traders for you

  • Easily sort and filter through our extensive list of Top Traders by performance, number of Followers, or career level
  • Use the Trading Career to understand their experience, risk management and performance at a glance
  • The  Risk Score offers an additional glimpse into their attitude to risk
  • The ayondo platform is completely transparent: see a Top Trader's trades, strategy and performance easily