Set your Loss Protection to prevent unexpected losses

Set a Loss Protection as soon as you start trading, as this can protect you from unexpected losses. You can easily do this from your Account page.

Use the Career Level and Risk Scores

ayondo's 5-level Trading Career makes it easy to choose the best Top Traders.

  • To reach the higher levels, traders must demonstrate both a positive performance and good risk management
  • In the highest career level, traders have been trading with ayondo for at least one year

Use the Risk Score for added insight into their attitude to risk.

  • This considers various parameters, including the current leverage the trader is taking as well as the maximum leverage the trader has taken in the past
  • Top Traders are grouped into lower risk traders (1 - 4); medium risk traders (5 - 7); and higher risk traders (8 - 10)
  • In addition, the Risk Score indicates both their current and historical exposure to risk

Fine-tune your portfolio

By clicking on the spanner next to their image, you can easily adjust the order size for each trader. Using the slider, you can increase or decrease this value, and this is available for individual instruments as well.

Remove Top Traders immediately by clicking the X. This removes traders from your portfolio.

Create more than 1 portfolio

Although you can only execute one portfolio at a time, you can set up more than one. This allows you to experiment with alternative mixes of Top Traders and their investments.